Tractor Trailer Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Georgia tractor-trailer crashes are often catastrophic – much more so than a common car accident for one simple reason: large vehicles generate large amounts of force. If you or someone you know has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, contacting Georgia truck accident attorney should be your first step after seeking medical help. Link Law, located in the Atlanta, GA. area have years of experience with handling truck accidents.


The number of large truck accidents has increased in the last 15 years. 144,171 large truck accidents were reported in 2007, resulting in more than 83,000 injuries and 4,808 fatalities.

Tractor-trailer accident cases are much more complex than other types of auto accidents. A tractor-trailer, sometimes called an 18-wheeler, a big rig, or a semi-tractor truck, consists of two parts: the cab (also known as the tractor) and the trailer. Often, the two are owned by different parties, which complicates the case. Link Law has the experience to sort through the mess, work with all the involved parties, and get you the settlement you deserve.


It’s critical to speak with a lawyer who specializes in tractor trailer cases before you speak with the trucking company’s insurance representative. You must remember that insurance companies are businesses with the goal of saving as much money as possible. Victims of tractor trailer collisions should also consider hiring legal counsel given that the trucking company most certainly has one if not many law firms on retainer, ready to act at a moment’s notice. You deserve that same level of attention and protection. Your injury lawyer is focused solely on protecting you and obtaining the best possible settlement or trial verdict possible.

Truck drivers must meet certain legal requirements. For example, truck drivers are legally required to keep daily logs of how often they drive and how often they are on duty. They are only allowed to drive for a certain number of hours before they must rest. However, not every driver follows the law to the letter, and truck driver fatigue is a common cause of tractor-trailer crashes.

In addition to logging requirements, federal laws also dictate what types of loads drivers are allowed to carry and require that drivers meet certain physical requirements. If a driver has failed to meet the legal requirements, you, the victim, are much more likely to win a settlement. A personal injury attorney will work to make sure you receive compensation for your suffering.

Because there are so many factors that can contribute to the accident, your case will need to be thoroughly investigated. Sophisticated technology in most trucks today can give all sorts of information about the accident. As experienced Georgia truck accident attorney, Link Law can use this critical evidence to help win you the settlement you deserve.

Victims of Georgia tractor-trailer accidents will almost certainly experience significant pain and suffering, such as back injuries, traumatic brain injury, and wrongful death.

Link Law have been helping victims of tractor-trailer accidents receive compensation for their injuries since 1991.

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